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STORE HOURS: M-F 10am-6pm SAT 9am-5pm


Want your garage back? We accept donations of new and gently-used items just like the ones cluttering up your home.


Learn more about donating to your local Habitat ReStore!

What kinds of materials can I donate to the Habitat ReStore?[+]

The Habitat ReStore accepts donations of new, gently used and salvaged building materials. Donations may include:

  • Appliances
  • Cabinetry, furniture or office furniture
  • Flooring
  • Hardware and tools
  • Lighting and electrical items
  • Lumber and trim
  • Masonry
  • Plumbing
  • Seasonal items
  • Windows and doors

If you have questions about potential donation, call our Donation Hotline at 920-967-8907 for more information!

What types of materials will the Habitat ReStore not accept?[+]

The Habitat ReStore does their best to comply with Federal and State regulations. We cannot accept items that have been recalled. We also will not accept hazardous materials or those that our staff or volunteers deem unable to sell. Other materials that we currently cannot accept include:

  • Automotive parts
  • Bedding, water beds
  • Books/clothing/toys
  • Dishwashers
  • Drain tile/edging
  • Electronics
  • Exercise equipment
  • Fluorescent light bulbs
  • Garage doors
  • Hazardous materials (cleaners, chemicals, etc.)
  • Paint/Stain
  • Painted doors/windows
  • Shower doors
  • Sleeper sofas
  • Unframed mirrors
  • USED carpeting/padding
  • USED ceiling tile
  • Vanity tops (unless vanity is included)
  • Vinyl Siding
  • Windows over 4′ x 4′
  • Window sashes/replacements
  • Window treatments (blinds, curtains, etc.)
  • Whirpool and corner tubs

On occasion, we get overstocked with certain items and may temporarily not accept donations we otherwise would accept. Please call our Donation Hotline for the most up to date listing.

Are my donations tax deductible?[+]

We will gladly provide you with a receipt at the time of donation.  Your donation may be tax-deductible, depending on your individual situation. Please consult a tax professional and see this IRS publication for reference.

How do I donate?[+]

Bring your donations to the back of the Habitat ReStore (look for our overhead door with logo) Monday through Friday from 10am – 6pm and Saturdays from 9am – 5pm.

Do you offer a pick-up service?[+]

Yes! Pick ups are free of charge and can be arranged by calling our donation hotline at 920.967.8907. Pickups may be scheduled Tuesday-Saturdays. Our volunteers generally arrive between 8:30am and noon. Donations for pick up must be accessible in your garage or (weather permitting) in your driveway. Our volunteers are not permitted to enter homes. Are you donating more than one item? Please print out our Donate Tags and affix to your item so our volunteers know exactly what to take! A friendly reminder, our volunteers have the right to refuse any donation based on visual inspection.

Can I donate cookies?[+]

Yes! We also accept items needed to support our volunteers. The Habitat ReStore is typically in need of the following items on a regular basis:

  • Beverages
  • Lunches or snacks
  • Tape measures
  • Coffee

How do I dispose of large items that cannot be donated?[+]

Sometimes, we cannot accept certain materials to resell for a variety of reasons. And unfortunately, we are unable to dispose of items that cannot be donated. Luckily, we are located very close to a few places that can help! Some building materials and construction waste can be recycled, and some just need to be properly disposed of. For your C&D waste, contact Landfill Reduction | 3000 E Glendale Ave | Appleton | 920-319-8118 (Fees may apply) For other recycling, waste and disposal questions, contact Outagamie County Landfill | 1919 Holland Rd Gate #3 | Appleton | 920-832-5277 (Fees may apply)

Donation Guidelines

Donating to the Habitat ReStore Donating to the Habitat ReStore helps raise funds to transform communities and improve lives right here in the Fox Cities. Learn more about what you can donate by clicking on the links below! Where to Donate: Appleton Restore | 3000 East College Ave, Appleton Call for a Pick Up: 920.967.8907 Donation Hours: Monday – Friday 10:00am to 6:00pm | Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm Please Note: We do not accept any material that is broken, missing pieces or parts, molded, rotting or soiled  Items may be donated in person during regular business hours  We have the right to refuse any donation upon visual inspection


Automotive parts
Bedding or mattresses
Books, clothes or toys
Doors over 80”/Patio doors without frames
Drain tile or edging
Exercise equipment or sporting goods
Fluorescent light bulbs
Garage doors
Any liquids or hazardous chemicals
Painted wood windows or doors
Shower doors
Sleeper sofas
Trim or lumber under 4’ or w/nails
Unframed mirrors
USED ceiling tiles
USED carpeting
USED or UNBOXED tile or laminate flooring
Vanity tops without vanity
Vinyl siding
Water heaters
Waterbed frames or parts
Window sashes or replacements
Window treatments (blinds)
Windows over 4’ x 4’

We do not accept any material that is broken, missing pieces or parts, molded, rotting or soiled 

Items may be donated in person during regular business hours 

We have the right to refuse any donation upon visual inspection


Though we might not be able to sell it, we are happy to accept metal items that are able to be recycled. Please note, items to be recycled do not qualify for a donation receipt. You may bring the following non working items during donation hours for recycle only: 

* Appliances (Non Freon) 
* Water Heaters 
* Furnaces 
* Cast iron sinks/tubs 
* Any other metal, non-hazardous items


Working refrigerators, freezers, ovens, range hoods and tops, washers and dryers. Appliances must be clean, in good working order and not missing any pieces or parts.


Full kitchen/bathroom sets and/or individual pieces, counter tops (4′ or longer and no cutouts) and hardware.


Entryway units, exterior/interior, storm, patio doors with frame, pre-hung or slab doors (no dry rot, cracks or missing panes.)


Sofas, chairs, desks, book shelves and tables. Furniture must be clean, in good condition and structurally sound without stains, rips, tears, excessive wear, odors or missing parts.


Hardwood, new boxed laminate (no Chinese made), linoleum flooring, new carpet (10′ x 10′ or larger), new padding, slate/marble and ceramic tiles.


Hinges, nails, screws, bolts, etc. and complete sets of door hardware. Hardware must be free of rust.


Furnaces 10 years or newer, duct work, fittings, air vents and registers.

Lighting and Electrical[+]

All light fixtures accepted but NO FLUORESCENT BULBS. Lighting must be complete and in working order.


Dimensional, trim and moulding (4′ or longer without nails), sheetrock, plywood and OSB
(4′ x 4′ or 4’ x 8’ sheets only). 


Please call 967-8907 for instructions.

Paint Supplies[+]

Unused brushes, covers and rollers. Spray paint (1/2 full or better) and caulk.


Bathtubs, kitchen and bath sinks (no rust/cracks). High rise (17”) or low flush (1.6 gpf) only. Miscellaneous plumbing hardware (e.g., fittings, pipes).

Roofing and Siding[+]

Shingles (new, bundled only), vents and aluminum siding (no vinyl). 


Lawn and garden materials. Working mowers and snowblowers.


Double hung, casement, storm window sets and shutters. Windows must be complete and without rot, cracks or foggy glass. No sashes or single-pane windows.

Pick Up Request

How it works:

  1. Please review our donation guidelines to ensure we can accept your donations.
  2. Fill out this form and attach pictures (if possible) of your donation. You will receive a phone call to confirm your request.
  3. After confirming your pick up with ReStore staff, you can print out DONATE TAGS and attach them to your donations. Our volunteers will then know exactly what you are donating!
  4. Please note: our volunteers reserve the right to refuse any donation based on visual inpsection.

Do you have a way to get your donation to us? If so, feel free to bring your donation to the Appleton Habitat ReStore at 3000 E. College Ave. between 10:00am and 5:00pm, Monday through Saturday. Donations items must ready for us in the garage or an accessible ground level location. Our volunteers are not permitted to enter your home. If you have questions don’t hesitate to give our Donation Hotline a call at 920.967.8907.

Donation Pick Up Request

Call our Donation Hotline at 920-967-8907 for scheduling availability! Online pick up request form coming soon!