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Dreaming of Summertime…

This is about the time of year that many begin to daydream about summertime. We’ve had our small windows of warmth, some slivers of sunshine, and those things can easily help the mind to wander along the springtime path to summer! Ah, summer; hours of warm sun, relaxed afternoons, and backyard get togethers with friends and family; no good reason needed at all!

And as backyards become the ‘living room’ of the summer months, why not give it an extra special, stand out toy? We love this repurpose idea for backyards big and small. An old or recently unusable refrigerator can be up-cycled into an icebox for the back yard! Not only can you fill with ice to store adult beverages galore, but also any item needed for your grilling adventures can be ready for you at any time right outside! No more tracking in and out of the house when all you need can be prepped right outside, right next to your grill!

Check out the idea and instructions here and start your summer dreaming off right!

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