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Is a Desk Really Just a Desk?

A desk may be just a desk, that is, until you talk with Habitat ReStore customer, Julie Kelly. Julie, a regular shopper at the Habitat ReStore, thought that the desk that she purchased could be better used as a bathroom vanity. While it can be hard to visualize items turning into something completely different, Julie has a knack for it.  “There was a stamp on the bottom that read Lawrence College ’39,” says Julie. “Most things in our house have a story like this.” While Julie and her family were preparing to move and sell their home, they opted to make some unique and budget friendly upgrades. With a little stain from the ReStore and some elbow grease, a vintage college desk became a distinctive bathroom vanity.

“It’s amazing to see what can be done with a little imagination, especially when on a budget,” says Beni Westgor, ReStore Assistant Manager. “I’ve seen customers turn scrap wood and casters into homemade wheelbarrows, glass globes into garden bird baths and doors into a kitchen island.”

With the popularity of Do-It-Yourself shows and Pinterest, repurposing household items is becoming more common. You don’t have to look far to see what’s been created out of something else. What’s the benefit?  Not only does it create an entirely unique piece that can’t be found anywhere else for your home, but it prevents reusable materials from going into the landfill. “We live in a culture with a lot of waste and I want to be on the other side of that story,” says Julie. “Bottom line, I love what I do and ReStore is the store that makes that possible.” For inspiration for your next project, check out our Pinterest page at

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