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Meet Isabel; Habitat ReStore’s new AmeriCorps VISTA!

1. Tell us a little about your background?

Born and raised in California! I spent the first 18 years of my life in the Central Valley heat. In school I was a very diligent and dedicated student, but outside of school I was very adventurous and always up to trying new things such as picking up archery, hiking the California mountains, sky-diving, and many other things! After high school I moved to Davis, California to attend school for a double-major in Aerospace Science and Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering. Now that I am serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA in Wisconsin, I plan to continue my education here.

2. What made you decide to volunteer with Habitat?

Habitat for Humanity closely addresses the issue of poverty, an issue I have directly experienced and surpassed myself. I would like to share my experience and what I took from it to help others thrive and move forward as well.

3. When not volunteering with Habitat, what do you do?

Now that I am in a completely new environment, I am looking for new things to do outside of my service to Habitat for Humanity. I aim to dedicate as much time as possible towards completing my degree. During my time of complete leisure, I hope to continue my adventurous in the beautiful outdoors of Wisconsin, and attend more rock and metal concerts!

4. What do you enjoy most about Habitat (what work do you like most, what keeps you coming back, etc.)?

As of right now, I can say with 100% certainty that what I enjoy the most about Habitat is the friendly atmosphere I constantly find myself in. All staff and individuals associated with Habitat for Humanity are among the kindest and funniest people I have ever met! I always look forward to going into the office and interacting with those around me.

5. What is something about you that might surprise those with whom you volunteer?

My heavy winter attire in 70 degree weather may or may not surprise those with whom I volunteer.

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