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ReStore Senior Crew: Meet Jeanne!

Meet Jeanne, ReStore Cashier
1. Tell us a little about your background (where you grew up, your family, your career, etc.)
I was raised on a farm in north central Wisconsin along with my three siblings. I attended Antigo High School and then Marquette University for Physical Therapy. That career spanned 49 years and I loved every minute.
2. What made you decide to volunteer for Habitat?
I anticipated retirement and knew I wanted to find somewhere to volunteer. I worked on a build doing roofing and drilling holes for electrical wires. I also took a class for installing windows. After a hip replacement, the heavy lifting was a bit much so I moved to the ReStore and eventually became a cashier. This is where I plan to stay because I enjoy working with others and seeing all the great ideas crafty people have with donated items.
3. When not volunteering with Habitat what do you do? (other volunteering, hobbies, work, etc.)
When not at Habitat, I enjoy gardening, reading playing golf and Bridge. I also volunteer at my church. I also do training for a medical equipment company.
4. What do you enjoy most about Habitat? (what work do you like most, what keeps you coming back, etc.)
Have been a cashier for the past year and a half and enjoy meeting people as well as getting to know the people I work with. No one has more fun than volunteers! We laugh a lot.
5. What is something about you that might be a surprise to those with whom you volunteer?  
I once owned three power saws.
If you’re interested in joining the ReStore Senior Crew as a cashier¬† like Jeanne did, or learn about other opportunities, call ReStore Volunteer Manager Beni at 920-967-8901 for more info.

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