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The Family that Volunteers Together…Has a GREAT Time!

It’s often said that volunteers enjoy their experience because their fellow volunteers become like a second family. Friendships are made and bonds are strengthened when working with others who share the same goal. At the Habitat ReStore, ‘family’ tends to go one step deeper!

*Take Fred and Nancy Umland, for example. The Umlands have been volunteering together as cashiers for over 2 years. On occasion, Fred brings his mother, Izetta along to join in the volunteer fun. On top of ease of planning and their personal schedules, both Fred and Nancy agree that they find volunteering even more fun when they can do it together!

*Steve Coburn and his son Michael also have been volunteering together, mostly with the Habitat ReStore Deconstruction team. After syncing their schedules with other volunteering IMG_0828opportunities and Michael’s college schedule, they commit to at least one day a week together in the summer time. On the special aspect of volunteering as a family, Steve says, “We’ve had some great bonding days where we’ve learned each other’s strengths, molded our personalities and earned mutual respect.”

*In addition to Fred and Nancy, other husband and wife volunteer teams include Karla and Pete Wallace (office and deconstruction), Marv and Barb Gossen (both sales floor), and Jim and Darlene Daun (sales floor and office). Sibling team Terry Schmitt (back room) and Myrna Liethen (cashier) have a combined total over 18 years volunteering at the Habitat ReStore!

IMG_0949Volunteering in general can be a very rewarding experience for many. Volunteering as a family and strengthen bonds and provide a lifetime of heartfelt stories and feel good experiences. Head to to learn how your family can become a part of ours!

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