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Volunteer Appreciation

Have you ever wondered how all of our items get cleaned, priced and ready for sale? Have you ever had a donation pickup or deconstruction? Thought about where price stickers come from, how items get labeled, how aisles stay clear and how the lights stay on at the ReStore? It’s all thanks to our amazing ReStore Senior Crew! Our ‘senior crew’, though many are seniors, is actually our group of generous volunteers that give us at least one, four hour shift a week at the store. Thanks to them, we run safely and efficiently and can offer better deals and a happy shopping experience for you!

To thank our volunteers for all they do, we are closing at 4pm on Monday, February 13th in order to offer our volunteers some well deserved fun and fellowship out side of the store. We will reopen for business as usual at 10am, Tuesday, February 14th. Thanks for your understanding!

Be sure to offer a smile, a high five or a simple thank you to a ReStore volunteer next time you’re in the store!

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